Assistant Editor

Ok, here's the deal, we're looking for a full-time assistant editing position for Elevate Pictures in Columbus, Oh. Yes, Columbus, Oh. Check the news, C-Bus is a burgeoning mecca of creative and young professional talent. For Real. But we're not just looking for anyone with AE, mograph, and animation skills. We're looking for passion, like real passion. But also AE, mograph, and animation skills.

So before you continue reading this, ask yourself, do you love a good edit? Like really love it? Do you find yourself discussing the finer points of storytelling through an edit, with anyone who will listen? Sometimes even to yourself? If so, call us. Or email us. Yeah email us.

Listen, you're going ingest (eww) and transcode media (yaay), prep projects in Premiere, assist editors with notes and cuts whilst managing all media and archives for Elevate Pictures but more importantly you're going help us craft killer stories and rich worlds  through your skills. So if you're still reading this, then you're into it, and therefore, we might be into you.

But first let's talk logistics.


  • Receive and ingest (eww) footage from set

    • Scan for and recognize technical issues with the footage and alert Post Production Supervisor and Systems Engineer to these issues

    • Troubleshoot any technical problems

    • Transcode footage to various codecs as necessary

  • Prepare projects for edit by logging and syncing footage, making selects, and creating string-outs or assemblies when necessary

  • Oversee the hard drive check-in and check-out process and manage our drive library. You are the Gatekeeper.  Our guy Ron is the Keymaster.

  • When necessary, address notes, output cuts, and other editorial tasks

  • Assist with department related projects as assigned

  • Keep skills up to date to continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and best practices to maximize creativity and efficiency

  • Maintaining a consistent ongoing delivery schedule for long term projects.  Be a rock.

  • Editing, creating motion graphics elements


  • Must be able to work in our Columbus, OH office Monday-Friday during normal business hours (9am-5pm,10am-6pm) We are a little bit flexible. So you can push it, but not too far.

  • Must be available for the project if it requires early morning, evening, night, weekend work. This is not all of the time but, occasionally it will be asked of you.

  • Required Knowledge: Expert/Well versed with Adobe Premiere

  • Additional Knowledge in full Adobe suite including demonstrated skills in After Effects and Audition. Lose protools knowledge is a perk

  • Expert Understanding of video codecs, and working with various media workflows, including 4K and RED, ARRI, and Sony footage

  • Ability to work quickly, efficiently and independently

  • Strong understanding of digital post production workflow

  • Can work positively and collaboratively with editors, producers, directors, etc.  Basically we dig happy people over salty dogs.

  • Great organizational skills (both with media management & personally)

  • Ability to self discipline and maintain motivation, to take ownership of projects pushing them forward.

  • A desire to do your best to contribute to the team. There's room to grow here. You are the acorn that can become the oak.